Relocation not Resignation

God has called his people to participate in four actions, the teaching and study of Scripture, fellowship with each other, having meals together including regular participation in communion and in prayers and worship.

I have given my best effort during the six months I have preached at Snow Creek. Three old’s have prevented me from fulfilling the mission God has given me. An old building that is too important to some for my comfort. Old traditions that will not move out of the way so activities that bring life may be practiced. And, old hatreds. This “old” is the worst.

Hatred, when not dealt with by those practicing it, is a contagion. It spreads from one person to another. If those infected refuse to forgive and release their poison, it grows, contaminating an ever increasing number of people. Old hatreds at the church have made it impossible for me to be as effective as God wants me to be. I have addressed those caught up in the hatred and they refuse to acknowledge that they are at fault.

Nearly two months ago, I realized it would likely be necessary to relocate our base of operations in order to fully carry out the mission God has given us.

There is currently a team of four of us who have been meeting together and planning an exit strategy as well as seeking to determine the correct time to relocate. The time has come. We trust God will quickly provide a location so the ministry he has given us may proceed.

One of the primary distinctives that I want in this work is that there will be no clergy class. We are co-workers in the work of Christ.

As soon as we have secured a suitable location, I will inform you through this website. If you wish, you may click here for contact information.